Below you will find some of the ways you can help GMAC Film provide opportunities for young people and independent filmmakers

If you are a UK tax payer we will be able to claim Gift Aid if you provide the required details on the form. If you become a business sponsor GMAC Film may be able to double the value of your sponsorship through Arts and Business Scotland’s Culture and Business Fund.


Smaller things which are really important to young people are Movie Clubs – it costs £5 to provide transport for a young person to attend a free screening…. so £5 a month would enable us to bring one extra young person to Movie Club for a year! Any amount that you decide to donate will make a difference, we have a target for this year of £40,000….. so please help us now! You can MAKE A DONATION here.

Below are some other things that we are hoping to achieve over the next couple of years. We would be delighted to talk to anyone who thinks they might be able to help. If you think you can help please CONTACT US here.

Movie Club

≈ £5 – £10

Providing FREE cinema for young people to watch films together is what Movie Club is all about. 50% of our Movie Club participants tell us it is the only time they are able to go to the cinema. They also tell us they love meeting new friends and having the opportunity to talk about the films afterwards in a safe and creative space.

All Movie Club participants get free snacks and transport home.

It costs £5 a month to cover the costs of transport for each child to attend Movie Club. An additional £5 covers the cost of the screening and snacks.

Every donation, however small, will help to bring free cinema to more young people in Glasgow.

Youth Programme

≈ £350+

It costs approximately £350 a year for a young person to take part in our youth programme. Each place at Summer School costs £1,000, so we are always limited by the numbers we can raise funding for. All of our youth activities are FREE and we rely on funding and donations to deliver this work.

Delila’s Mum sent us the following e-mail after this year’s Summer School…

“Delila says it’s the best thing she’s ever done in her life, she learned so much and made some amazing friends. I am so grateful that something this amazing was offered in Glasgow and that Delila got in and experienced it. Her dream is to direct and this whole learning curb has pushed her further in that direction. Again – a big thanks to you all and long may you continue to move the next generation of filmmakers.

You can view previous Summer School films by going to the Summer School page.


≈ £100 – £1,000

There are all types of equipment required from clapperboards to hard drives – for example a hard drive costs approximately £100, and we need 4 drives for each summer school film.

≈ £2,000+

We currently need to update our camera equipment for the young people to use for our various projects:

  • Lighting kit – £4,000
  • Camera and accessories – £5,000
  • Sound Mixer – £2,000
  • Editing equipment – £2,500

Short Film Sponsor

≈ £1,500+

Wouldn’t you love to be the person responsible for discovering the next Shane Meadows or David McKenzie by sponsoring their first short film? Our young filmmakers want to make their own films, but struggle to get funding as all of the existing schemes require experience before applicants can be successful. When young people come from our target groups it is difficult for them to achieve this.


≈ £15,000

We have an undocumented archive of films, videos, scripts and other memorabilia. Once collated it will tell the history of GMAC Film and the development of independent filmmaking over the past 37 years. It will also add context to Glasgow’s social history: a history that we want to see collated and preserved for future generations. Your donation will help us to secure the expertise we need to bring this long awaited archive to life.

Café Flicker Sponsor

Café Flicker has a competitive element – each month there is a winning film and at the end of the year all of the winning films are screened at the Big Flick where the film of the year is picked. Your company could sponsor an award for the winning filmmaker… This could be a cash award or better still some time in a post-production suite, a free grade on their next film, passes to the Glasgow or Edinburgh Film Festival, a session with a script editor – the possibilities are endless!

Screening Room

This flexible space currently has 48 cinema seats, which can be added to, to accommodate up to 60 people for a screening. All seating can be removed to provide a studio or party space with a capacity of up to 90 people. It is our intention to upgrade the Screening Room and seating to improve the viewing experience and to upgrade the projection and sound proofing in the room – but all of these things cost money. We would like to discuss with potential sponsors how we can achieve our goals for our Screening Room, that they can have their name attached to.

Training Suite

10 years ago when we moved in to Trongate 103, this was a state-of-the-art Training Space, and it is still a great space, with an excellent projector and all the facilities for holding a workshop for 20-30 people. We would love to do a substantial overhaul of fixtures, fittings and decoration to ensure it continues to be a state-of-the-art space, that can also carry the name of its sponsor.

Other opportunities

The list is endless and we would love to talk to you about what we can achieve together. We have the skill and expertise to identify projects, young people and ideas, and we are very successful at funding and delivering projects. However we need to increase our overall sustainability and we need your help so we can continue providing inspirational free programmes to all of our participants.