Cafe Flicker Presents: GMAC Generations

As a member organisation of the Glasgow Social Enterprise Network, GMAC Film was proud to host a special edition of “Café Flicker” as part of “Scotland’s Social Enterprise Week 2019”. On Tuesday night we put a special twist on our signature open-mic film night and presented “GMAC Generations”, a curation of short films from across our four decades. Our very own Gary J Hewitt introduced five different titles from our archive to a truly multi-generational audience.

GMAC’s screening room was filled with dozens of familiar faces, as well as newer additions to our family. Taylor Goodwin popped up for a new screening of 2016’s Waiting for Aliens, in which she starred as Erin. She first came into contact with GMAC a year before, when she attended our annual Summer School programme, an experience which she describes as simply ‘amazing’. Taylor, who now studies acting in college, became part of our Youth Team in 2018; she meets with fellow members on a regular basis and works towards delivering new film opportunities for young people across Scotland.

Also among our guests we met John Toomey, a film writer from Gourock (30 miles west of Glasgow). He’s been a visitor of the organisation since the early ‘80s, back when it was called the Glasgow Film and Video Workshop: “My film unit partook in some of the events that were going on then, so I dropped in and out a few times to see what’s going on”. John is currently working on establishing a similar organization in his own community: “I’m trying to do the same kind of thing in my area… to build a production team, I’m trying to get around 100 people involved. I’m going out and speaking to different organizations, like writers’ groups, art groups, trying to get them involved.”

The evening ended with a Q&A session with key personnel behind the screened productions: Late (2019) director William Samson and writer/producer James Phillips, In the Snack Bar (2011) score composer Stephen Wright and GMAC Summer School alumni Elias Ben Boudinar and Taylor Goodwin.

James Phillips, who originally came from outside of the film industry, reflected on the experience of working on his first short: “[Late] was the first film I had written and had made and it was actually the people that I’ve met here at GMAC and Scottish Screenwriters that allowed it to happen. It’s all very well having an idea, but if you’re like me and you came from nowhere in the industry… I had the opportunity to talk to people who knew what they were doing and could help and guide and give advice and make it happen. The enthusiasm that I got from everybody just gave me the confidence to go ahead with it.”

GMAC Film thanks all participating filmmakers and audience members for a lovely evening! “Café Flicker” returns on Thursday, 3rd October with a showcase of fresh work by emerging talent.