September’s Cafe Flicker winner is “Blackout”

“Blackout”, a 2017 short dealing with the much-overlooked experience of being a young carer. Many thanks to writer/director Serena Chloe Gardner and cinematographer Jason Weidner for attending. 

Serena Chloe Gardner: “I always felt that young carers […] get left alone by the social services a lot of the time to deal with it by themselves; there’s not a lot of support for mental health or young carers, so I just wanted to write a film showcasing that and getting people to talk about it more. I’ve shown it before to community groups of young carers – they’ve seen it and went ‘That’s how I live!’. It’s kind of to show them that they’re not on their own – there are other people who go through it…”

“Acheron” (2019) was a runner up! Written and directed by Douglas Sannachan, this independent short explores the bitter relationship between childhood and addiction. Douglas Sannachan: “I made a feature film first and then I thought ‘I think I’ll make a short this time. Why not try something different?’ I wanted to look at the darker side of life as it were.”

Louis Martin and Aaron Bisset was also a runner up with the 2019 short “Eaglefriek”. It was Louis’ third short film. Adventurously shot in extreme weather conditions, the film is “about a guy who loves birds. He goes to an island to get over the passing of his wife and runs into something which changes his original goal.” says Louis. We loved discovering this flick and wish everyone involved in its creation best of luck for the future!